There are so many ways to make a computer no longer have online service for any amount of time. My biggest questions is how many of you can say in the last 2 months that you have not DOSed anyone or anything? I cannot go a week without some moron thinking he can attack me on any chat program (irc AIM ect.) and get away with it. I do not think DOS is elite in anyway cause anyone who is smart enough can pull off a GOOD DoS (oxymoron . I have done everything from DoS to DDoS and i will always leave myself able to do both incase needed. I have put a poll up to find if you guys think DoS should EVER be alright to use on a person or site. I have seen great sites be brought down to thier knees by 13 year old kids just to prove they could do it... that i dont agree with at all, but some morons just need the nice little kick in the hub.