Ok here we are part II of the antiflame thread.

Now this tries to deal with:

  • How to ask Questions
  • Questions not to ask!
  • Things you should know about AO

How to ask Questions
Now we all know that when you ask questions you sometimes get a warm welcome to say the least.
This can often leave you bewildered or make you 'afraid' to ask again for fear of looking stupid.
Now it may not be the question that annoys others but how it is phrased, lets take a look how to approach a question and get what you want.

Firstly try not to be vague, this annoys other users, even the helpful ones. Remember vague questions=vague answers.
Try to be specific.
Asking 'How do I hack' will probably get you a link to google or other links to sites.
So what you need to do is get perspective a particular subject and ask about problems you are having learning it or how to accomplish your goal.
This way people can actively help you out in a more positive and constructive way.

Secondly dont use CAPS LOCK, you will get flamed for this, its brash and gives the effect of abuse so avoid at all costs.

Thirdly dont act like you know it all or seem abusive, nobody helps someone who acts all high and migthy as well as well as looks down on others.

Lastly be nice, being nice means people like to help you out and will offer more time perhaps.

Oh and remember if youre question dosent get answered do not post again the same message, try rephrase it or make sure its in the right forum.

If youre still stuck hit IRC
People there are very helpful and quick with answers, if MsMittens is there youre in luck.

PM is another method but if you dont get a reply dont keep sending PM to the same person, they probably dont know, have no time or are just plain lazy.

Questions Not to Ask
Now remember AntiOnline is not a 'cracker site' or 'hax0r site' 'script kiddie site', it is a site that learns about how they work and how we can secure ourselfs.
It is a security site which does not condone illegal activity, so dont ask about anything illegal.
It will earn you a flame or the infamous google link.

Questions you should check up on are:
'How do I hack Hotmail/Yahoo/E-MAIL accounts' - A very big no-no.
'How do I hack'- Please do not ask this.
'How do I deface' - Learn HTML, make a site and see what work it consists of, you wont deface then.
'How do I use/get/infect someone a/with trojan - The lowest form of anything, even crackers despise trojans. Dont ask.
'Where can I get Warez'- Umm no.
'How do I do sometime illegal/immoral/unethical' - ^^

There are sub-forums for this kinda talk so go there or to a different site and please dont ask any question of this kind.

Oh and one more thing if you can do a search if you are unsure about your question, it may have been asked before and you can see if it was answered or whether its acceptable.

Ok thats all for now, just spent a good while sitting here writing, Im off to IRC now, thanks for reading.