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First, Paul Zest shows something that often happens on message boards like this one: A habit of "repeating" the entire post and replying to it. Rather than quoting the whole post, quote only the portions that you are replying to. </snippet>
Well as I was referring to "all of the above" i.e. the entire post made by Ennis it seems only logical to include ALL that I was referring to. QED "all of the above" was the entire patronising, inane, drivel. (taking lessons in forum etiquette from a guy that posts porn into AO kinda sucks don't ya think? bit like getting a sex pest to do some childminding)

Ms ..
The best example of this in real life is what I do. I'm an instructor. I don't think I've ever had a student repeat my entire lecture back to me and then make one comment. Usually you will focus on one point.
What kinda stupid teacher are you when you can't even parse simple sentences for context. You come on here lacking the prerequisite teaching skills trying to show how clever you aren't, go back to school MsPoopiehead

<snip> rest of your bollocks