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Thread: AMD or pentium4

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    p4 vs amd xp

    i got a p4 1,8ghz 256mb rimm and geforc3 and stuff but i think the amd xp 1800+ is better it also really depends on you'r motherbord i think i would take a amdxp 1800+ with a nice msi motherbord this pc was apresent so i had'nt have a choice

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    I would go for AMD,you can better overclock it
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    dont have a clue of what u guys are talking about or even where i am at just thought since i have pentium 4 this seems like a good place to say hi. so hi everyone now i will leave because u guys are way over my head when it comes to computers i was just looking around at different things and come across this site any byeeeeeeee

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    AMD Athlon XP

    Over the past month I've been researching over the net on which processor is currently superior, as I am wanting to build up a new PC for myself. I'm no expert, but all hardware sites that I have gone to come out saying that the Athlon XP is head over heals better then Intel P4 at the moment.

    In most benchmarks I've seen, the Athlon XP 1700+ out performs the Intel P4 2GHz.


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    AMD all the way

    I have built both AMD and Pentiums. Pentiums have always ran slower. I have had a pentium II 300 that ran slower than a AMD 200.
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    Talking AMD

    AMD without a doubt. And as for the ppower consumption (heat) just don't be stupid and remove the heatsink while in use. seems a simple enough thing..
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