Dear antionline community,

to you I say: hello! We have delayed this topic of conversation long enough. I have read many posts by various posters who voiced themselves on the oblio/chemical topic. I would like to address them, as this concerns my future here at antionline.

Many have stated that this forum would be better off without my presense. I firmly object! More have contented themselves by throwing obnoxious insults in my general directions. Others have somehow come to the conclusion that the sending of negative antipoints has a bearing on anything I do or say here. Most of the negative attention directed towards me has been a reaction from my conclusion that most of you are both retarded and pathetic. I understand this, as it is perfectly natural to choose sides and defend yourself when verbally attacked. Big deal.

The more interesting complaint is that of my postings having no relevance to computer security. I ask, then how do you explain other threads, seemingly even less concerned with computer security, such as the moronic "the world's longest thread!!!!". I contend that my posts, while seemingly irrelevant to the general topic of discussion on this website, are actually highly relevant to computer security. They are either satires or metaphors dealing with this subject matter. It is not my fault that most of you are too silly to comprehend this. I never expected more than 1% of you to grasp the ideas contained in my posts, but now feel it necessary to divulge this to the community at large as some silly boys are threatening my life on this very forum!