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    Question Good web-based email server??

    Recently I was browing thru the posts and read that hotmail accounts are easily hacked into. I have a hotmail account and use it quite often as my primary e-mail account.

    I would not like it to be hacked, so if anyone knows/uses a great web-based e-mail service, could you please post the URL of it?

    Even if the chances of been hacked are small, I wouldn't mind finding a better alternative to hotmail.

    Many thanks,

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    scroll down, its on the left side near the bottom
    Free Email
    you get a 6MB mail box with <username>@secureroot.com
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    Try anonymous.to

    They're not very well-known, but I really like their service. Virtually no spam!

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    Lightbulb AntiOnline.org

    Or...you could try AntiOnline's Email service. It's pretty secure (as far as I know) and you get about 100Megs (as far as I know again) of space to put in all the crappy pictures of your friends!!!!

    just look at the link at the top of Antionline starting with "Temp:"
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    Thumbs up

    Well, besides the ones already posted, heres another good one. Again, it has virtually NO spam. And you get to chose from a list of pretty freaky domain names. Give it a go...

    My Own Email
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    I havent heard anything about cracking hotmail in quite a long time... Care to inform me?


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