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Thread: Negative is Leaving AO!!!! Damn u people!!

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    Neg is not leaving

    posted by antihaxor
    Negative may refuse to post for reasons known only to himself and a select can catch him on irc. He will still be in the AO chatroom I'm sure.
    Yep, very true

    Negative is not leaving AO

    The only thing is that he will not post anymore.
    I talked to him with PM's (much easier to communicate in Dutch) and he will stay around to see what's up at AO.
    He has something big to happen and that is priority number one. Some ppl here (the select few) know what is going on...
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    At least there's some good news


    I'm glad neg's not totally leaving AO. Unfortunately, I have never had the (supposed) privelage of talking to him(though I've loved his posts), and I'm glad I'll eventually be able to talk to him in IRC chat (my isp, through my mom's work, doesn't allow that type of connection, aarrgghh!!).

    I'll miss those posts though.

    (/me wishes he knew what was going on )

    bye Neg!

    Preliminary operational tests were inconclusive (the dang thing blew up)

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    Neg don't leave AOL. If you do, I will have to do something very crazy. I think I will jump off my couch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You\'re either a 0 or a 1, alive or dead
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