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    Re: Where cas I get a copy of Windows 95

    Originally posted by Noble Hamlet
    Where can I get a copy of Windows 95 so I can finally rid myself of this Linux thing I have.


    A few weeks back you promised to never post again. Remeber? It was after larryjs was going to post your IP number and you posted all those death threats.What brings you back?

    Larryjs...if you still have that IP I'd love to have it....

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    A message for Noble Hamlet

    Note to Noble Hamlet:

    This post is useless. The World's Longest thread was... you guessed it.... useless. Linus Torvalds made linux, you dumbass. Why would he need a copy of Windows 95, one of the worst operating systems ever made, although one of the most revolutionary... if you flame me for this, I will support larryjs and all of his attempts to tear you to shreds.
    Welcome to Hell , where we have served more than all of the fast food chains put together! And the number grows everyday! Stay tuned!

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    I have to say that I agree. I don't remember having ever seen a useful post from you, Noble. I happen to remember that post suggesting that certain people be shot. I can't believe anybody would be immature enough to post something that stupid. I also don't know how much longer I can take that "World's Longest Thread!". It started out as something neat, but it's time for it to end. The fun is over. It's worn out. As much as I think larryjs is over the top in what he's doing, I have to say I agree with his motives. Please, post something meaningful, or get out.

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    MS products

    Just as an informational thing.

    All MS Products are still being made my Microsoft. Not necessarily supported by them.
    We can still purchase all Windows releases (3.0, 3.11, 95a, b, etc) and DOS.

    Dealers have told us they are not available from MS (not true). The dealers just won't
    carry them because they only wish to stock current items. Inventory costs $$$ to keep.

    We just got another advertisement from MS with all those products still listed.

    It has to do with 'legacy' applications.

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