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    Exclamation Morpheus/KaZaA hacking

    here's a tut i've wront about a security flaw i'm found with Morpheus and KaZaA... hope you like it, I'm posting it here becose I don't have a site or anything...

    -Guerrilla Se7en

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    Why exactly would I want to download somebodys system files? And if they are already shared, how is that a hack?
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    Yea..why would we want somebody's system files? I agree with VanEck, if they are shared (meaning...they are shared files!!!) how is that hacking?

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    Post no... no... no....

    Just start to d/l the sys files to make sure it's someone sharing all files to get there ip address. and if u jsut click mor from same user it wont list all there files liek it will if u goto the http://x.x.x.x:1214

    -Guerrilla Se7en

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    Post Re: Morpheus/KaZaA hacking

    Originally posted by guerrillase7en
    here's a tut i've wront about a security flaw i'm found with Morpheus and KaZaA... hope you like it, I'm posting it here becose I don't have a site or anything...

    Hacked?? and shared??

    From what I know if it is SHARED, then you are SHARING the file or information or data and anything else if you set it to share.
    it's just like sharing one printer two use with two computers.

    Another thing is we are dealing with FILE TRANFER and connection
    from one computer or network to another, open ports on the computers, driver specifications ( What drivers are you sharing?
    What files or folders are you sharing? )

    So for the hacking part. Is this user who connected to my Kazza
    ftp in the correct Directory? Downloading the files that I specified
    that is ALLOWED to be shared? Did he use another hacking tool
    to UP LOAD to my hard drive somehow? How do I know he did or did not? All I can do while using the KAzza software is tell it what
    files,folders or drives I wish to share and if I want this person to download this file from me?

    But yes it is true,that there are a few Utilities out there for you
    Kazza users that allows another user to connect to your computer and hack it for more than just the downloadable files that you specified can be shared.

    If you do not have good security on your computer and use a FTP
    or other file or network sharing software,then it is EASY for someone to get in other places in your computer,look around,get or delete a few important files or drivers or even use your computer to do what they want with it. So therefor your being hacked aren't ya?

    Why do we share or use such software as Kazza? Well why do we connect to a web site or FTP to download things? First thing thing is what we are getting when sharing on Kazza is FREE. (who wants a burned copy of windows XP...LOL)

    bottom line I see for that is ----> We take a risk when on the internet at ALL times. No matter where you go or what you do.

    Serf safe, be safe, use a Firewall, don't let others connect to your computer that you do not know or trust, watch your ports and make sure the right ones are closed or open as needed, don't download something you do not know nothing about and if you do please scan it with a virus software and also have a spyware tool to see if the person put a bug in the software.

    oh well that's my two cents added to this

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