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    As far as firewalls: I like Blackice Defender and Zonealarm.

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    Thanks guys this really helps. I need the File share but I will get zonealarm and tiny. I really appreciate this

    Sorry I wasn't specific bout my comp and os next time I will.
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    Smile GRC

    go to https://grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2
    take the shields up test and the port probe
    it'll tell you about any blatent security holes

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    I am a bit partial to AtGuard Personal Firewall.

    AtGuard is no longer free, but I have also used a few free personal firewalls, one called SyGate and the other Tiny which I have found to be quite good.

    You can download them from www.webattack.com

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    Originally posted by IchNiSan
    been a while since I thought about this kind of issue,


    If someone knows your IP address, they could open a dos prompt and type

    net use \\Insert.your.IPaddress.here\nameofshare

    and have an open connection to your shares or printers(of course there might be a password/username they need to connect, but that is a different issue.)

    All someone needs to connect to your shares is a dos prompt. Unless you are behind a firewall, or are running a firewall on your machine.
    good luck,

    I'm sorry to be anal, but I had a few problems when trying to work out cryptic net commands when I first got started and they are as follows:

    1)nbtstat -A <ipaddress>

    gives names of computer, current user, etc.

    nbtstat -a <computername>

    as above.

    2)net view \\<ipaddress>

    view available shares, if any.

    3)net use z: \\<ipaddress>\x

    this would map the remote share 'x' to local drive 'z'.

    4)net use /delete z:

    This would remove the connection to the remote share 'x' from your computer)

    this is a brief overview of accessing shares through a dos terminal. There are other <quote>EASIER</quote> ways to access remote shares from windows, but mmmmmphh.

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    Originally posted by tiger team
    Zonealarm is good but it easy to bypass it...
    Interesting. Would you please state why you think ZoneAlarm is easy to bypass?
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    Bypass Zonealarm ?

    Ditto !

    I'd also be interested to know how to bypass ZoneAlarm.

    (other than an IRQ/MSN/AIM hack) If that's what you are referring to.

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    I'm not sure of the link but it comes from Negative's "Why your firewall sucks" although that's not just for ZA, but any firewall that trusts any web browser hitting port 80.
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    Like Vorlin stated any Personal Firewall will be vulnerable to applications ran from the inside on port 80...

    e.g. if a malicious thing calls itself iexplorer...
    but some firewalls like the newest sygate and ZA versions do a check on program integrity, when the prog changes those firewalls will show up a message so you are alerted and can take action.

    There is another way to bypass ZA:

    ZA will not filter incoming mail, so if a trojan in a mail could disable ZA (register hack) ZA will not monitor connections anymore and leave your box wide open to the net...

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    the very best thing i did is to setup another computer which will be your firewall a little tweaking is needed. this computer will act as a sub-server of the proxy server. acts like a net on anything. email on how it is done protocool@antionline.org
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