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    Well, those are some well thought out requests, so I think I think I'll do a tutorial on NetBIOS, or TCP/IP, or maybe continue to the second part of my Cisco Certified Network Associate prep tutorial. Either way, thanks for the requests, and hopefully other would-be tutorial writers are picking out some good ideas too.

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    i would like a tutorial on the things that was said by Juridan because i have little experience with computers knowledge of programming in general.

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    I'm already doing a tutorial on C, so maybe you could write a few chapters on socket programming in C? That would be really useful for a lot of people here(including me because I really stink at network programming with C).

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    I know the basics of java, I would like to understand the differences between it and C, because I hear it's very very similar...so if you (or anyone who knows both languages) could do something along those lines, it would be very much appreciated.

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