Imagine a well traveled site such as, or even AO. Then imagine a java coder who gets access to the web the common web defacers. Only this coder has something else in mind all together...he wants to build a SUPER COMPUTER!. How can this be accomplished? What could be his purpose? Java can be used to turn the whole internet into a huge super brute force cracker by using DAMPP technology. See this link for detailed information:

The link above also contains source code for the applets which could be modified to do a distributed brute force crack. The applets currently only distribute a ray-tracing could just as easy be a brute force cracker. This applet would run silently and use anyone's cpu who accessed the page. What I wonder is there a way to detect such an applet running ? .....hehe just think if you imbeded the app in a PoRn site! While the fools sit and pleasure themselves their system is being used for whatever purpose the coder dictates. This could turnout to be a real security concern for the "net". Seti is using a similar technology with the screen saver app....maybe we could give this idea.Poeple would just go to the site and compute the distributed information. I encourage everyone to give the above link a good look and just IMAGINE the possibilities.