Hello all

I need some advise here on a BIG problem.

I recently formatted my drive C:\ and re-installed windows98
on my system. I also have a drive D:\ wich I did NOT format.
All that is on that drive is Zipped files and not windows,
( I dind't think I need to install windows on both drivers just to
have drive D:\ set up.. and yes it is working fine)

Now for the problem.....

When I download some files or programs from the internet, alot
of them,when it's time to install them, are CORUPTED, I get a error
message that the file is corupted or bad file transfer.

Not all downloads do this to me, but the majority of them DO .

I have ran norton anti virus utility and see No virus on my computer. ( Yes Norton is updated)

Windows is running just FINE and I have no other problems.
( Yes after re-installing windows i went to the micro$oft web site and updated any other drivers or security holes and so on as well.)

So can soemone tell me WHY I keep getting this problem with the
corupted files? I have never ran into this before. Just TOO many bad downloads if you sk me....