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    Post I will probably get flamed for this?

    I downloaded many ms-dos programs but everytime I try to open them, I see the screen for a second then its gone! How do you open and run programs in ms-dos ?

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    Open ms-dos promt / command promt
    run -> command or cmd

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    What is happening is that whenever you run that program, it is finished almost instantly, thus windows shuts down the dosbox it's running in. There are two ways to stop this, one is just what CLxyz told: manually open a dosbox yourself (click on the start-button, select the 'run' icon and type in either 'command' if you're using win9x, or 'cmd' if you're using NT or win2k). This way, you open a dosbox, and you're able to run the program from there.

    Another way is opening the program's properties (Rightclick the icon, select properties). On the program-tab, unselect the box that sais 'close on exit' or something simillar.

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