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    AO member status - how does it work?

    I was wondering if someone can explain the whole junior member, member, senior member ratings and how they work and whatnot. If there's a place on site that explains it and someone can point me in the right direction that would be great too, but I was just a little curious about the member rating system. Thanks in advance.

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    Well, the Junior/Member/Senior ratings are just how many posts you have, I guess. (Not time of membership, apparently.)

    The little green/red/grey dots are a visual indicator of how many antipoints a user has. Basically, they're like popularity indicators or something. Just don't judge a book like it's cover, eh?

    Antipoints are given around, either positive ones (good, green) or negative ones (bad, red). You can't give out too many in a certain amount of time, or give too many to a single person. Red dots by a person's name mean negative antipoints, green are positive, grey is balanced.
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    I beleive 0-29 posts = junior member; 30-100 =member; 101-??? =senior member

    Which i think it should be "number of post plus time in AO" for member status

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    Question avatars

    Just a quick question: when do you get the custom avatars? Just curious.

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    Re: avatars

    Originally posted by redthefed
    Just a quick question: when do you get the custom avatars? Just curious.
    I believe you can upload one after 45 posts.

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