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    Post What is AOL up to ?

    AOL sues Microsoft, flirts with Linux, raises ISP fees, says farewell to two top executives and sounds an earnings warning. What's Upwith all this ? Could AOL be going out of buisness ?

    "I like AOL for some things, but as an ISP they suck," said Mike Gonver, a technical support representative for PC Power. "It's really hard to connect because you often get busy signals when you try to log on, and once you are on, chances are the service will disconnect you, usually right as the big file that you're downloading is almost completely downloaded. If I can't connect through my own service provider, it's not worth the hassle. A lot of our customers are saying the same thing."

    AOL's pursuit of the penguin

    Change at the top for AOL

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    I remember, not so long ago, that AOL rejected all Of Harvard's acceptance emails as spam! LOL...Harvard decided to use email rather than snail mail after the Anthrax scares but AOL rejected every email....

    Perhaps AOL should fix whats wrong with what they've got before looking into linux....
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    Actually according to slashdot.org them looking into linux was not true. And if they were so interested in opensorce they could just make there own for free.

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    AOL... Open source LMAO
    <Laughing Uncontrollably>
    Ahhh hah Ahhh LMAO
    </Laughing Uncontrollably>

    Ahh that felt good.. AOL would never go open source.. It goes against everything they believe in..... Because if AOL went open source.. It might, dare I say it..., be good !

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    when i first read the posts aol/RH...looked like a hoax to me, but after seeing on the news that it is a hoax, and netscape pressing foward with their legal actions against m$, might be more than a ray of truth in it after all. maybe not red hat, maybe they'll just but SCO from caldera...thats, not open source.
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    Red face AOL LOL

    Yawn. I one and only one respect is AOL ok. At home and at work I forbid any AOL cd's to even be present in any location someone could get at it and install it on sny system or workstation. I have found it fouls the "works" up and never unistalls correctly. As well DUN or LAN connections never do preform the same after AOL has been on a machine. Only a reformat/reinstall of the OS and reconfiguration of the DUN, RAS, or network connections has ever fixed it. Back to the point at hand ("Don't get me ranting about how many AOL machines I have to fix after they dump the service. LOL.") ,the one good point. I have it on one machine. My travel laptop. I could be in the CONGO hunting gorilla's in the mist and guess what. Hanging on a rubber tree in BFE is a telephone outlet with a local AOL number......... For what its worth. I Have a corperate cable connection at home and work. But on the road. AOL is the only service that I have found that I can dial up from anywhere I travel and have contracts.
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