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Thread: Server flaw leaves XP users at risk

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    Server flaw leaves XP users at risk

    seems it's broke..and ya can't fix it yet...hehe


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    Universal Plug and Play

    Jesus Zigar...are you stoned and on a roll today or what. Good work (again).

    The software giant confirmed last month that Windows XP, touted as its most secure operating system, had a serious vulnerability in its Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) software. The server problem has prevented users from downloading this patch.
    After reading that fine article, and are scared out of your wits...relax, simply follow this URL and get the patch. I havn't read it all, for it's long as hell, but there should be a downloadable file to patch your damn XP (sic).

    Click here
    ...This Space For Rent.


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    seems they finally fixed the server..


    it was a "minor glitch" (aren't they all...until someone takes advantage...)

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    j00r cl4ss.

    Hey, Finally accessing in through my college computer.. wierd.. before they wouldnt let me into this site.
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