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Thread: help?

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    Question help?

    ok, here's what's happening..
    im using IE and yes, i got the patch for the security update
    on certain pages , not all, a little box pops up and it says "script error found on page" balh blah blah. the reason i say blah is cuz it says something else like yes and no in boxes but the box disappears before i can finish reading it or click a box.
    does anyone know what this is? why its happening and how the hell do i fix it? thanks

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    it either goes on to ask you if youd like to keep running scripts on this page, a fair question concidering one just screwed up.


    ...would you like to debug? this you can stop by going to the advanced tab uder internet option and checking the box by 'stop script debugging'

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    thank you.

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