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Thread: How to get info on dmv

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    Im gonna tell you what we have to do here in Kansas. Go down to the county courthouse with your car's title and a valid proof of automotive insurance. They will charge you for the personal property taxes on the car, and they will get you a new registration and send the title off to Topeka so that it can be changed to your name. They will then give you a new license plate. Of course, Im assuming that you wish to acquire new license tags illegally so you wouldnt have to go through this much hassle. The preferred way to do this is to find your victim car, its usually in a store parking lot, and take a screw driver and remove the plate from the car. Warning, this is illegal. Oh wait, I guess since you are on this site you are asking how to do this from a computer. My only suggestion is the same as the last method except bring a laptop along. By the way, come to the irc chat someday, its been boring lately.
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    On the same note...I need to know how to change my ACT scores with my computer. Oh yeah, and before that I need to know how to get my computer to hack me out of jail in the event that I get caught. I should be able to download some freeware that does that, right?
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    you've have been watching to many hacker movies on t.v. bro
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    The preacher knows the legal way of doing things. I would follow in his steps to be safe. whats the difference in changeing plates if your registration on the plate has expired. If its insurance thats getting you. Well do this go to your local insurance company, set up insurance on the suposed vehical then get it registered then cancel insurance. No money lost just dont get into an accident.

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