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I have Cain + Abel, but whenever i start the attack on the .pwl from cain, itll tell me how long the password is (5 chars) but it wont tell me what it is.. :Confused:


Ok DW...here's the deal. It will (the first few minutes) tell you how long the password is. Then (almost just like the movies) ...it begins to (slowly) crack the password... like if the password is: password. This is what Cain will show (Obviously in the GUI)
  • 8 Characters long
  • passwora <-- incorrect
  • passworb <-- incorrect
  • passworc <-- incorrect
  • password <-- correct

When it finally gets the right combination it will prompt you and tell you that it has found the password. This can vary in time depending on the amount of RAM you have installed - and the program itself. Small RAM and old version equal long time to wait. Ante-up the both of them and you've got yourself a winning PW by the end of the day.