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Thread: Computer Addict

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    "Alright punk, just keep both hands on the keyboard!"
    "You got a license for this thing? Didn't think so.
    I'm gonna have to give you a citation..."
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Great Feed back

    Wow, Lots of Ideas. Yes I will always strive for the best technolgy and the ultimate system hell I even have a 17" LCD Monitor on this baby and yes I do have round cables as well as dolby 5.1 sound and firewire. I will look at everything when I decide to change my current system but I already have spent over 4K on this toy so I will have to wait a bit to play more but I will keep those blueprints rolling.
    Who would Trust their Security to a Penguin?
    \"Computers have enabled people to make more mistakes faster than almost
    any invention in history, with the possible exception of tequila and
    hand guns.\"

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    Originally posted by Vorlin
    Hehe, back to the computer drawing boards! (this is all in good humor, not bad at all)

    This is true...anyone running that setup would be a f3wl to run winblows. It wouldn't know what to do with 2+ procs and would find some way to break the memory efficiency.
    That's the point I made...

    90% of your machines out there are less than what I said, being bought-off-the-shelf machines where people are afraid to build their own and want the "comfort" of a warranty or someone else to fix it when it breaks. Less than 20% of the hardcore machines are built by people who want better products, can manage their own troubleshooting (or know someone who can), and overall don't like companies like Compaq/Dell/GW/etc. I know I don't go for those companies and I don't recommend anyone to buy a machine built by any of them. I put faith in a product I open myself and add to a system (motherboards, etc). It's all in how you do your homework when shopping for PCs.
    I agree, I built my pc's myself since I'am 7 years and indeed, My friends with bought-off-the-shelf machines have troubles all the time, while I have not cause I do my homework when building a pc. (Nevertheless I'am very satisfied with the recent DELL workstations too, their TCO is very low) (the company I work for in vacations uses those)

    My preference for SCSI (and Quantum) comes from the time era when IDE sucked (slower, unreliable) and could only reach 512MB... those times SCSI definitly ruled... but now with the cheap Ultra DMA 100 drives? For the price of one high end 10krpm SCSI you get 2 good EIDE 7200rpm drives...

    But if you want to get technical, an all-around/gaming/low multimedia box would be one bought at a store, not home built. Having built every pc I've ever owned for over 8 years now, I can safely say that a machine is built based on the needs of whoever's building it. I play a lot of RTCW, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (demo, comes out in less than a week, woohoo!), and other 3d-based games where on-the-fly is needed much more than anything a CAD/CAM card could do. Take a low/mid-range CAD/CAM card that costs 900 bucks and RTCW will HATE it. We're probably talking single-digit or low double-digit frame per second counts in comparison to my nVidia Geforce3 ti500 running around 90 fps with 2x FSAA on. Now take my geforce3 card to do your video editing or whatnot and it'll throw up all over the place. Why? It's not made for it.

    Your system is great for hardcore performance and doing heavy-duty processor/memory intensive editing of sound and multimedia. I'm a hardcore gamer who's got his system tweaked out so that he could get that extra 10 fps to break 100. There's an entire world between our goals.
    Yep, Vorlin your right again, btw: I also prefer a GeForce for gaming.

    But that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind having an HP T500 or L2000 4 proc w/ 2gb RAM and dual gigabit ethernet cards on a fc60 (fiber channel) array with 400gb of hd space. One can dream...
    Here you admit that such a setup is the ultimate dream...
    but not affordable

    So Vorlin finally after some 'tech talk' we agree: the main point when bying or building a pc is: What do I need / what do I want to do with it.

    greetz V

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    ..btw: I also prefer a GeForce for gaming
    Right on, just what I'm talking about. Gamer chicks rule! GeForces are the best to get out on the market right now as far as DirectX8.1 integration (although there has yet to be total integration between DX8.1 and games). GF3 ti500 is marginally better than the regular GF3, but it's the best high-end retail card to buy. Although, if ATI gets their asses in gear for driver support, the 8500 would definitely be giving the GF3 a run for it's money. If only...if only...

    Here you admit that such a setup is the ultimate dream...
    but not affordable

    So Vorlin finally after some 'tech talk' we agree: the main point when bying or building a pc is: What do I need / what do I want to do with it.
    Ah yes, it is a dream...but think of the power bill?! Holy crap, the city lights would dim when you crank that thing up. And yes, the main point when buying is what you're going to do with it. Although my main piece of advice when buying something and you come across a product slightly better/more expensive:

    Buy the better product now if it's reasonable to your budget, you won't regret it...

    Nothing's worse than 'settling' and then going back to buy the better product which you could've had to begin with. This goes for anything really, but it REALLY shows in the computer product field.
    We the willing, led by the unknowing, have been doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much with so little for so long that we are now qualified to do just about anything with almost nothing.

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    Sorry but as far as price and performance goes the GeForce3 Ti200 is tops. At $150 or so it beats the crap out spending $300+ for only a smidgin more performance. And as far as ATI competing: there are gonna have to come out with somethign way better than that afterbirth they call the 8500.

    Remember the Kyro chipset. What a joke.
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    Reading this post I realised two points:
    1) I am thick
    2) I know very little about my actual computer
    Oh wait there's a sticker on the side:
    AMD Duron 750MHZ (I take it this is speed)
    64MB RAM
    30 GB Hard Drive (even though it says it has a max. cap. of 28)
    56kb ITU v.90 modem (my modem i suppose)
    something long about grahpics
    Includes Millenium Edition. Wow lucky me.

    God bless the man who paid for this... "Dad" I think his name is.

    I don't know if I am an addict. I think I would know more if I was an addict. I can program fairly well, that's about it.
    Before I started getting interested in security I thought I was pretty advanced for a 14-year-old. Then I saw all these smart-ass uber-hacking 10-year-olds. Very bad for the old ego.

    Then I hear of a guy called Ankit Fadia, who when I was just learning what the Hell a "unix" is he was writing a best-seller about computer hacking. Smug sonofabitch.

    You'll all be sorry when I publish my best-selling book about a futuristic theme park with dinasours. I'm calling it "Jurrasic Land"

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