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Thread: AMD or Pent

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    Hmmm..... I'm surprised Vorlin hasn't been in here doing his AMD march...

    I feel AMD is the way to go. Before the Pentium 4, I was a Pentium person. But right now, the AMD is cheaper, just as stable, and more effecient than the Pentium 4. Also, they're concerned with making a processor that works, as opposed to Intel, who just wants the coveted 2GHz label. First chance I get, I'm going to upgrade this box to a dual Thunderbird machine. It'll cost a bundle, but it's gonna be great!

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    Thumbs up AMD

    We have AMDAthlons (Thunderbirds) on all of the workstations. However the server is a Pentium. I plan on an upgrade to a dual AMD machine for the server though. The admin workstation is a AMD 1GHz with 512k RAM and WindowsXP Pro. It runs 24/7 around the clock. The last reboot was 5 weeks ago. So I have no problem with AMD. The pentium server running Windows 2000 Advanced Server has to be rebooted weekly, sometimes more often. (It' s a sever, so rebooting is part of the IT schedulr weekly) So I pick AMD....
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    Stability, price, performance... it is obvious who I support.
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    I like pentium. if u need use your PC all time (more than 1 week continuously), u need a pentium processor , an AMD dontwork fine all time
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    Thank you all for your input It really helped ~thor

    I'll let you know what I go with so far I'm leaning to AMD it's my son's box and he wants fast games Me too
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