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Thread: HUB or switch

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    HUB or switch

    hi guys

    I'm here with another newbie question for u Our home LAN (4 computers and one server) is now connected using BNC. We'd like to change it to TP connection. My question is if we should buy HUB or switch. (I don't know what is the difference between these two things...) So if anyone knows...

    Thank you very much for all answers...

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    What are your goals?

    hub and switches both will do but if you want to have generally faster throughput get a switch. (be sure your nics are set to right speed or you'll forego performance)

    Hubs are super cheep. diffs are bcast domain and traffic degradation due to traffic out all ports. If you want to do sniffing get a hub.

    switch keeps table on who is to be found where and sends traffic host to host. chk on backplane speed and port guarantee rate.

    there's more but gotta go.

    good luck

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    A hub will satisfy all the needs you've indicated and is much cheaper than a switch.
    A switch is much faster than a hub and is usually needed in high volume networks.

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    If you are planning to organise some LAN parties you better go for the switch... if you only use your network for print/websurfing/little file access : go for the hub.

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    If you can't switch it, pitch it!

    There are very few reasons these days to use a hub. Cheapp isn't an excuse anymore, cause there are some REALLY inexpensive switches out there.

    Why a switch, because you can, that's why.
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    For those out there with a 10Mb internet connection and a lan, get the switch. Why is this? Well a hub runs at a "set speed", that means either 10 or 100Mb, a switch can run both at the same time.
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    SWITCH is much better

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