I was wondering the best way to secure a win98 box on the web. I have Norton Antivirus, Zone Alarm and am cautious with e-mail attachments. What else can I do? I also have heard of and experienced virii being attached to webpages. Is that a Java or Active X security weakness? I am trying to help my friend who knows very little about PC's secure his PC for his business. I suggested a removeable hard drive for backup storage, but I want to hem keep him online with little or no interruption. I appreciate the assistance.

- I could use help as soon as possible since my friend is freakino out about the Hybris virus on his system I removed. Question, I know that Hybris is only a worm, but are there any other features that are contained within it? One friend of mine couldn't boot up because of it and this one lost important resume documents. Or is this just the host fooling around with the system?