Hi, I know a little bit about computers, I know C++. But I am lost as to what goes on in the computer. I love computers, I think they are mysterious. But most of the fun of a mystery is figuring it out. I look through the internet for information, but everything I find is written in such hi tech. Does anybody know of any good websites, books..etc that start with the basics and then work there way up to the high tech? Example of some of the things I want to learn about...SometimesI will spend hours in explorer looking at all of the files in Windows and wondering what they do... but I cannot open them...it always ask me what I want to open it with. I want to learn about how messages are sent over the internet...FTP...How viruses work ( not that I would ever make one ) I just want to know how they do it. When your computer receives a signal from the internet, what does it do with it? What is the signal? And much more... I am just extremely curious. Thanks for your help.