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I was under the impression that FAT32 was limited to 2TB (terabytes), not 32 GB... I could be wrong, of course, but my memory of such facts is usually quite reliable!?

If, however, it is Windows 98 and ME themselves that are limited to 32GB, and not the FAT32 file system, then i don't understand how that can be the case, but I accept it since Windows 2000 has problems with 20GB NTFS partitions as the second drive (any drive other than IDE Primary Master), so I have to run my second 20GB HDD as an 8.2GB, NTFS Formatted, until I have sufficient time to download Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.
I've seen information that says both 32gig and 2tb, however windows will not format a partition larger than 32 gig as fat32. Where the limitation lies, I'm not entirely sure, but Windows can't (or won't?) do it. As the windows formats go, they allow 2 gig from fat16, 32 gig from fat32, 4gig for ntfsv4(pre-sp5), 8gig for ntfsv4(sp5 and higher), and 4tb for ntfsv5.