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    it'll never happen
    linux is independent and will always be that way.
    i believe that anyone whether it be m$ or aol
    tries to buy out linux
    they will not sell out
    even if they do
    another distro will be created mirrioring linux

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    Thumbs down THIS SUX0RS

    Man, aol and linux? It's scary. Then again with national ID cards getting thrown around, who knows what'll happen. If aol does take over redhat everyone email them nasty letters........ Man I'm soooo glad I bought SuSE!

    Ask Why?

    \"The most incomprehensible thing about the world, is that it is at all comprehensible\" -Albert Einstein

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    Technically, whether it happens or not it shouldnt really sway the market too much either way.

    I've worked with Cobalt products for a long time before Sun pulled the merger...

    and I still work with great Cobalt products, look what happened to netscape... I still use it, and it still suits my needs.

    Keep in mind there is a business side to this as well, Redhat is one of the only Linux distro's that I absolutely hate... I'm uncomfortable with it, and the only major thing it has left is it's popularity. If AOL and Redhat do pull some merge, it will probably be benificial to both products, however the changes to the products will be unnoticed. The changes that will happen will be more on the marketing/funding front. I dont see AOL integrated with Redhat or vice versa.... but then again the new cobalt systems (even though owned by SUN now) are running intel processors..... It's the business side that will change... more in AOL's favor through the exploitation of the popularity of "open source".

    Who knows, maybe with the change, AOL might actually improve... punch out a second product for those of us who prefer functionality over "user friendliness".

    dont fear it... dont hate it.... dont agree with it either unless you have a couple million to sway someones business plan... theres nothing you can do.

    For me... as long as SuSE, FreeBSD, and Solaris are around... I'll live

    just my opinion

    I\'ll preach my pessimism right out loud to anyone that listens!
    I\'m not afraid to be alive.... I\'m afraid to be alone.

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    Lightbulb re

    sources also said that redhat was in favor of the merger!!!

    and another thought how will the hackers take this if linux is there world ???
    Life is like a **** sandwich,
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    Re: re

    Originally posted by dark1
    sources also said that redhat was in favor of the merger!!!

    What sources? Can you post a link please?

    I think I'm going to remain very skeptical about this untill I see actual proof......

    On a side note--- If this does happen do you think we'll see Red Hat come out on those annoying AOL CD's? You know the ones- "100 hours free with AOL"....Now that would be something!

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    Very scary indeed....

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    Nowadays with all these mergers and takeovers this shouldnīt surprise us a bit.
    Letīs just hope IBM will do the same to RH as it did to SuSE. When SuSE went bancrupt IBM came to the rescue.

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    Angry re --------sources----

    to start off whoever gave me the red anti points lol that's cool what ever
    cnn has it and so does cnet http://news.com.com/2100-1001-819243.html?tag=cd_mh

    look and u shall find !
    Life is like a **** sandwich,
    The more bread u have the less **** u have to eat

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    AOL and Microsoft have been at battle for a while now, with AOL's browser-in-ISP and Microsoft's IE/MSN ISP.
    AOL bought Netscape 3 yrs ago and still in in their installation use IE.

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    How in Gods' name did I lose 9 points for this thread? I didn't even have an opinion! LOL...Oh well, it's a conspiracy I tells ya!

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