Hello all I have only belonged to this site for 2 months yet i will be the man here and tell it like it is.

Things this site is and isn't

#1 This site is not a hardware repair discussion site unless it pertains to security .
for hardware knowledge go to www.sharkyextreme.com
#2 This site is not a site on cracking boxes for that go to www.2600.com and they will point you to the proper sites
#3 This site is not a site where we disrespect our brothers and sisters if we are senior members ,no qusetion or comment is stupid if coming from newbies remeber you were once a newbie .
#4 Knowledge is power and should be shared accordingly no one has the right to hog it if you dont like it to bad thats how it is .
#5 No one is better than anyone Knowledge comes in varying degrees.
Besides insults anything the senior members write is uaually correct and they deserve thanks props and respect anything less than that is insulting to them.
#6 What this site is primarily a repository of knowledge about security ,certification ,products how to's faq's etc.

For newbies i will write out sites that pertian to infosecurity
http://www.blackcode.com for all you who want to hack
http://www.2600.com for hacking and security
http://www.cisco.com for security