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Thread: Firewalls

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    Firewalls with an intrusion response system are important for either a dial up systme or cable modem systems it does not matter .The vast amount of script kiddies out there port scanning ,trojan scanning ,and DDos attacking on a daily basis can be seen if you have a product like zonealarm or better yet for logging purposes black ice defender .on one day i recieved over 300 Sub seven port probes I am sure glad i had black ice monitoring my systems connections .Basically what i am trying to convey is you definatley needd a firewall of some kind bar none

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    one thing a lot of people overlook with firewalls is the ability to block outgoing traffic...any good software firewall can alert you to all outbound connection attempts...

    this is one way to find out if you have trojans or other mailicious software installed...as well as a great detector for spyware...

    btw...unless something has changed...black ice sucks at this...and i think the one from symantec might too (altho i seem to remember they fixed it...)

    try leaktest from grc.com...it'll show you quickly what can get out of your box...
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    best security scanner i have found

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