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Thread: E=Mc^2..wrong?

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    Would the Black-Scholes formula still remain true then? If not, I'm wasting an awful amount of time trying to learn this formula. LOL...

    Yes, there is nothing close to this formula...

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    Einstein who is that???

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    Yup, Id say hes still a genious. Keeping in mind that his work was made along time ago without the tools and funds scientist today have.
    I just wish we could put Einstein and the wheelchair guy (Stephen Hawking) in room 24/7 for a couple of months (add a nice calculator for Mr E.) and see what they would come up with.
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    Originally posted by antihaxor
    Another alternative thoery gaining respect is the "Elastic Continuum Theory " found here:


    did you know about Negative's cosmos forum WebCarnage? This is a perfect thread for that forum.
    I like it. Redifining the vacum in this way would allow us to see multiple higher dimentions as well as understanding energy relationships. Its a cool Idea I think I read some more about it.

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