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    o, that brings me to my next question...

    oh, yea that remends me is there anyway to make linux faster? i have a 900MHz over clocked to a gig and it's running mor like 300-500MHz is there anyway to speed it up? like mabye how can i move my linux partition to the front of my hard drive and put windows on the back?

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    KDE vs Gnome

    i've seen problems on a laptop running xfree without framebuffer. When used under KDE, StarOffice 6.0 beta used to crash every now and then, but especially in the presentation module. The problem didnt appear in Gnome though. As for the speed, KDE seems to run pretty well on my computer, except for netscape that sometimes asks for huge amounts of memory (reminds me of the ancient windoze days )

    hope this helped a bit

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    All GUIs are hopelessly slow. You gotta learn to love that black screen.
    Maybe it might be faster if you put the swap partition at the front.
    Too bad there isn't some automated utility to help you tweak things,
    but eventually, you may find ways to clear the bottlenecks.
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    Originally posted by s0nIc

    and if you really are a GUI monkey i would recomend Visual Basic 6.0 for you..

    If the poor guy is trying to learn to program, don't tell him to use VB... I mean, yay, it has a gui.... but it teaches horribubble programming..... the syntax... the syntax would make a programming santa vomit in disgust....

    I'd recommend Delphi as a good learning language with a gui... its a marked improvement on its ancestor, Pascal....

    I don't know if there is Delphi for *nix.. but I do know that there is pascal.. I've seen it with mah own 3 eyes....

    Check out pascal if there isn't a Delphi for *nix... its quite simple, and teaches beautiful programming... most likely because it was developed as a language for teaching programming....
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    Too bad there arent tools to generate and read MS Office-type files (DOC, PPT) in console and there's no support for java applets under lynx ... i dont think i'd need anything else besides that
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