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Thread: Router- internal network

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    Router- internal network

    I would like to connect my internal network to the internet thru a basic router, I'm using private IP's on my internal network. Is this safe and what kind of risk I'll be facing? If I put a firewall in, where should I put it? i.e. internet-fireall-router-internal network or internet-router-firewall-internal network. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    There are several threads here about your problem... even some with an example of a setup... look at those threads. You can search the forum with the search option which is located at the discussion forums pages at the top of the page.

    Short remark:

    get a router with inbluit firewall... if you are paranoid place some firewall box between the internet and your switch / hub.

    internet - router (with firewall) - Linux or Win Firewall - Switch - Internal network

    you can easily implement DMZ's with the above setup.
    for the linux firewall I can recommend using BBIagent
    there are many Linux based router/firewall solutions which are easy to install, free and very secure. search the web for them.

    solution #3:
    internet - router/firewall/switch all in one box - internal network

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    Thank you!

    Thanks a lot for the help!

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