I am a total newbie, and I was wondering where i could go to learn how to hack a computer on my LAN? (If I did, would it be any different than using the windoze file sharing capabilities?) The reason I ask is first of all, I don't want to get into trouble hacking someone else's comp. since im such a noob.

And also, I have heard that once a hacker has gotten into a remote comp, that they can see everything that the user is doing. Is that true? And if so, in what form do they see it? Does it all come in text form, or is it a program that replicates the movements of the user on the remote comp in a GUI type style as if the hacker was looking ofer the shoulder of the remote user?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. What is the best source of anonymous proxies? And Where can I get a good anonymous proxy checking program that will test the safety level of multiple proxys at once?