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Thread: Some reading for those well informed..

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    Talking Some reading for those well informed..

    Download it while it's hot! Get yer fresh hot copy of the AntiOnline Newsletter #1 while you can. Remember you need Adobe Acrobat to read it.
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    yup...read it

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    Downloaded and read it very well written keep up the good work.
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    "BIOS Passwords"

    These are programs that are designed to add security to Windows 9x. they usually launch from Autoexec.bat and ask for a password before letting the rest of the boot-up process continue.
    Umm ... no. A BIOS password sits in the CMOS and prompts the user when they either try to go into bios (BIOS) or boot the system (SYSTEM). A BIOS password cannot be removed by editing the autoexec.bat file. A BIOS password *can* be removed by jumpering the RESET jumper on the motherboard, OR by going into BIOS (with the password) and disabling it.

    ... but locking a 9x computer is virtually impossible.
    Again ... no. There exist utilities (syslock, I think) to lock a W9x box. Just do a "windows system lock utility" search on Google and something will pop up. At least that's what I did (about 3 months ago or so), and hits came back. And the software seems to work reasonably well.


    Guus: Good quick deconstruction of a TCP header.


    Still ... I guess it was good for a 3am read.


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    read it while I was on the can this morning

    I did catch the bios thingie.... eh oh well shtick happens... if I had a dollar for every typo I've made....

    I'd have a lotta dollars excellent newsletter, lets keep it going
    maybe I'll go through my bag of stuff and throw an article together (that is if AO is gracious enuff to post it)

    maybe I'll just get some sleep instead

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