yeah but i think that there should be some subjective reasoning to it too.
- There is..

"Not just some shiney magical number that people must hit to be alloud but a shiney magical number that should be alloud before you could apply like a senior member and 200 antipoints then a moderators final say. Definatly a moderators final say."

- Ermm... a shiney magical number, eh?.. Well what ever this 'magical number' is will be up to JP. However, a moderators say isn't as important as JP's, they probably will have some say in this since JP is busy. The only reason you chose 200 antipoints is cause thats what you have.. I say at least 300.. Like [WebCarnage] said:

JP promised: more antipoints more, this may be one of them.
- Exacally, and a user with 200 points dosent have the privledges as a user with 400+
This should be one of those privledges.