hehe i know this is a really peachy easy technique.. but one thing you ppl have to know.. Adult Check ID is not part of the website therefor can be bypassed by many ways.. this tutorail will show u one way on how to bypass it...

Note: I do not encourage hacking/cracking or any malicious things to do on a website nor do i promote pornography.. the reason why i did this was becuase i normally get my kicks in bypassing security and warning the administrator about it.. i do NOT damage/deface/steal/or any sort of bad things to my "clients". This is a very SIMPLE technique and some websites and webmasters always overlook this minor detail...

And here it is.. the tutiorial...

-=Simple Porn Site Hacking=-

by: s0nIc

This technique is so simple that i bet some of u have tried it or would pick it up so easily.
All you need is a web browser. Thats all, no secial hacking tools needed.

First of all we need to pick a site. I picked http://www.maynakdotcom.org coz this is the easiest site that you can easily hack into. So lets get on with it, shall we?

*First, try to log on... damn they ask for an adult check ID.. but we dont have one..
simple.. hehe.. lets forget about that for a while..

*See if they give you samples of the pics they have.. Oh! they do!! Quick click on it!

*Hmm now.. well they havhe some samples.. click one of them to enlarge..

*Now look at the address in your browser..
You will probably see an address that's a bit like this:

*BINGO!! now we can see the root directory which is:

*Now type that address unto your browzer.. Wow! a list of pictures just came up!

*Now try playing around with the address and find as much as you can

And there it is.. a simple and basic technique on how to hack porn sites hehehe..
The logic is that the adultcheck is there so that to see if u are a member.. then if u are a memeber and you could produce a valid ID number, it will tell the website to take u to the
main page of the website

So basically the adult check ID is just like a security guard that verifies if ur allowed
or not.. and if u are.. u can come in.. if not then u cant..
But why pass through the security guard when you can jump over the fence?