The death penality thread caused me to consider a couple of things last night. A couple of poeple there got -points just because they expressed thier point of view ( I then went and hit them with green to balance it..even with some I disagreed with) The point system that we have is a somewhat accurate way of determining validity of a poster. The most noteworthy flaw is that poeple don't use -points in the way they were meant. I give -points to rude and obnoxous posts,not to those I disagree with. I propose a "free" forum where points cannot be assigned. I realise the chaos this could create if not moderated properly...therefor I propose that it be moderated. Poeple would then be able to express thier ideas in a polite and considerate way without fear of unjust reprisal. This forum would best be restricted to "cosmos" like issues. Perhaps Negative would volunteer his forum? We could then get a "pure" picture of poeple's positions without them posting just to get +points.
I haven't spoken with Negative about this and I hope I am not speaking out of turn.
JP what is your point of view on this?