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    this one would have to be the newest of the old here i guess, my first one at home was a p75 / 8meg / 1.2 gig / win3.11 + dos6.22, cd sound etc
    was almost top of the range for its time (about 6 or 7 years ago)

    the first computer i ever used was at primary school (elementary to the US i think) was one of those old apples with the green screen and had everything running off 5 1/4 inch floppies.
    although im still living in an antique shop with the thing im using at the moment...

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    i have dem computers which doesnt even have a HDD.. and needs dem BIG ASS floppys which is called in our times as MSDOS.. to make the puter run..

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    hmm, was either a TRS80,

    or an IBM PC AT that I could use whenever I wanted.

    I cant remember which came first.

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    hmmm... was it 8088 or 8086? no hdd and had those floppy loading ms-dos and pc-dos with 512k ram... it was the top of range at that time...

    still remember the amt of disk swapping...


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    Thumbs up Those were the days

    I started out with an Olivetti M24 (something like an 8086).

    I then had an M19 (slower, but I used a VIC20 to soup it up). Two 5 1/4 floppy drives ... but I was able to run a word processor from it ... Lotus Manuscript. No spelling checker due to lack of space, but with plenty of disk swapping, I could make documents.

    I then bought an IBM expansion case ... so that I could add a 30MB hardcard.

    This brings back sweet memories ... playing around with QEMM to optimize memory and the like.

    This make me feel old!


    PS = thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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    My first was an Atari 1040 ST... I loved my Little Green Desktop
    I wish to express my gratitude to the people of Italy. Thank you for inventing pizza.

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    Well since you told me all your first computers Whats an old game you might of played on them? Do you like how fast technologies is advancing? plus thanks for your replies


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    Thumbs up First computer

    Apple IIe...look at that turtle go!


    PS: and of course don't forget about "The Oregon Trail"!
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    "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity."

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    Apple IIc and a 300 baud modem. games that kept me on that thing for hours, Hardball, Summer Games and Transylvannia, had an original Compuserve account taboot.

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    I remember the game summer games i used to play that game all the time with my C64 i loved that game!!!!


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