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    Games I played...

    On my PCjr, the ONLY game I could get to work was the intro work your keyboard game. It wasn't too bad...
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    Where should I start? My commodore 64 w/ it's cool cassette tape drive (NICE!) I also had a Dove 300 baud modem. the cradle kind. Sweet!

    I was a cracker back then. I was in the GAC. We'd have contests to see who get past the copy protection first. It was fun. Not for profit. Those were the days.

    I also had a CPM machine. It was a big translucent green box that was one of those all-in-one cases with a tiny monitor and it weighed around 80lbs. portable back then.
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    Ahh, the good ole' days! My first computer was a Packard Bell 486SX. I don't remember all of the specs for it, but I believe it had a 4X CD-ROM drive, 2400 baud modem, just a few hundred MB hard drive. It was a real speed demon! I had Windows 3.1 installed, DOS 6.0 probably, and I used QModem software to dial the local BBS's.

    That was the first computer I actually owned, but I have been using computers since I was about five - that's when I got full exposure to true 'floppies!' Oh, the fun I had! I still have that old Packard Bell somewhere in my closet.
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    Re: Those were the days

    [ A commedor 64 I had to use a tape deck if I wanted anything done.....

    I don't even use tapes to listen to music anymore

    Oh man have things changed...........

    --Sorry I haven't been around I just finished moving house. Still gotta lot of orginising to do..... damn!!!!

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    AT&T 8086 - a whooping 10 MHz, 5 1/4" drive, 20 MB of HD space, and 640Kb of memory....oh yeah...ran DOS 3.2...by the time of it's death, it had somewhere around 20 viruses on it

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    first one i ever used...was a main frame at the local university...not even sure what kind...but it was running the NMR research dept in the early to mid '70's...played lunar lander...but there was no screen...just a keyboard and a teletype thingie...entered the "lander data"...and a line would print out to show you the result...

    I still have a copy of one of those print outs somewhere...

    First one i owned
    apple IIe with 64k...around 1980? (gaaad...i'm old... )

    2 floppy drives...one for the os one for yer files
    no mouse yet...wasn't a gui yet...did have 2 paddle wheel controllers for playing games tho..my fav was decathalon...

    cost over 2000 bucks...

    had a program called visicalc...the first spreadsheet prog...and really one of the first useful end user progrs ever invented...i believe it became Lotus1-2-3

    visicalc screenshot.

    if you use excel xp today....you could prob run visicalc without much trouble at all...(probably run better actually hehe)
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    Anyone wanna sell any of your old computers or old computer parts? I have recently started to collect the classics. If so, reply, private message me, or email me.

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    Mine was an old mac... I dont rember what model it was tho....

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