I have many friends in the DDoS area as i use to be one of them. Aparently there is a new DDoS bot about the same as litmus only ALOT more functions and random bot nick ident and realname. The bot contains the avrg ping attacks and UDP attacks. Also contains port redirects that can be activated threw IRC instead of client/server functions. It is controled fully over IRC as of most DDoS bots. And what makes this bot more dangerous then most windows DDoS bots??? Its open source...

I wont say the name of the bot just so that people wont use google or other search engins and try to find it to do "not so nice" things with the bot or source.

My biggest fear is now that the bot is open source and in dif computer languages how many other bots is this gonna lead to...?

U may think this is a dumb topic because of how easy people find way to make DDoS bots... but this is one of the few DDoS bots that are under 30 k and yet have as many bot functions as DT , GT, sub7, Litmus, and even the great XOT.

This bot for its size has so many features that make it almost impossible to see where this bot will end, but im over 100% sure that this one little bot will lead to at least 10 more of them.

So please post ur personal opinions on this and rember that opinions are like *******s.. everyones got one and they all stink.

PS. i will be postin the READ ME file to the bot when i get a chance to while im at home so u can see what exactly this bot is capable of. (i will reove all info that may people to finding the bot for security reasons)