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    Personally I go with AMD.


    Because my AMD Thunderbird marginally outperforms the equivalent Intel.

    Though at the end of the day for the average home user, does a few extra

    floating point calculations make all that difference? Aren't we all just buying

    into the image?

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    Post Megahertz isn't everything!

    Most people think "Yeah look at my awesome 2.2Ghz processor I jsut got!', butt little deos he know that Mhz isnt the only factor in processor speed. While comparing many benchmarks I notices that the Athlon 1900+ and the 2.2 P4 Intel have similar performance specs even though the AMD is only running at 1.6 Ghz. This is because the performance of a CPU is determined on: (work per cycle) * (clock speed (Mhz)). This means that if a 2000Mhz Intel does a work of 4 units per cycle and an AMD running at 1400 Mhz does a work of 7 per cycle, you'll notice that the Intel scores 8000, while the AMD scores 9800. This is why AMD can have a cpu running at a lower clock speed than Intel and still have the same amount if not more performance.

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    i still consider a fanatic of intel based processor. almost of my computer uses intel processors
    because of the concept they build the first computer processor in the history of mankind. still, i they were the first to build the processor they know how the things work properly. even though amd is mucj more higher in the field of benchmarking intel is still the best because they provide stability and durability (as what my concept knows). not to mention the floating point error of the intel processor (pentium 90) way back the processor build. but they fix it quickly and trying to sell pentium 100.
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    Dont people know that the frequecy has nothing to do with the real preformance? It is all about the RPM's, AMD kicks Intels ass any day, you could buy a 1.6Ghz AMD and even though the frequecy is less then the Intel's 2.0Ghz the AMD would still be better. I will try to get the bechmarking page to prove it.
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    errr AMD runs to hot, P4 nice and cool!

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