Anti points are a good thing. It alows one to seperate the weat from the chaf so to speak. I have one problem though. If they are an ASS Hol*^*^&^(^$$#^^ then give them anit-points. If anyone express's a point of viem politely in any form. Well thats a point of view and they should'nt be degraded for it. We have men and women that have died in our country just for someone to have the right to express one's own opinion. I would give my life as well for the right for the same. Don't shoot them down for that. This way we all have a chance to get a view of the world at large and the opinions that make up a great collection of people.

Anyway. To the point. I have given plenty of possitive points ( about 30 I think ) and only 2 negative to butts in the crowd. However, none have showed up on my profile ( ie... the number given out + or - ) anybody know what gives. Lets all be free, and respect everyone's opinion. Live and die free!!!!!!