I feel to a certine point *based on the ammount of points a user has* all they should be able to give out is positive points.. untill they reached a ammount of positive points.. this way we dont get idiots makin accounts just to be able to give u negative points.. or people who have very low positive points doin stupid things like givin u negative points for no good reason

I know there are tons of people out there like myself who get negative points with messages like "burnt" or as RA said "clones rule".. i think its about time we made it so only the people who accually have a good status here to be able to give out as many negative points as these newbies are.. and i think points should automaticly be tagged.. cause if ur gonna give out negative points.. i think u should back it up with a REAL reason

but then again this is just my opinion and many might diagree with me

Lets get some fee back on this