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Thread: bEST tEXT eDITOR/cODING aPP?!?!

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    crimson editor

    the 1 i use is CRIMSON EDITOR. it is available at download.com, its free and size is less than 1.5 mb (i think). it is programmed so it can read header, html, perl and many other types of files. the best thing about it is it can color code the syntax and the attributes etc of suppose html files so it becomes easy.

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    PICO owns VI...

    You're triyng to cod ea document, not program a program to code a document. VI is overly complex and only an idiot would use it when more practical methods are available.

    Yes, VI is on every system.. who cares.. the pine package is also installed almost every OS y default.
    I'm sorry you feel that way, hah! Notice the key phrase : "it's preferencial treatment really". And if you think VI is overly complex, I'd hate to see what you'd do with emacs. And VI *is* a practical method when you're doing everyday systems administration. Pico an /etc/hosts or .profile? Please...

    As for the 'who cares' comment, you've apparently never rebuilt any unix server that's died. You're gonna *NEED* that VI editor when it comes back up for any configuration file. And no, pine and pico aren't on 'almost every OS' by default... I'm assuming you mean linux, which it is...not UNIX.

    Blah is right...
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    I like notepad for quick and dirty file views (ini, cmd and html)
    UltraEdit for everything else in $ms world
    pico in *nix when its a small app vi for everything else

    I'll use the IDE editor when using a packaged compiler ie m$ visual studio

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    haha EditPlus has some real good protection: ASProtect

    just unpack it and it runs as regged hahaha. thats some l33t crc checks.... pffftt....

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    some good choices here. thanks for the heads-up on VIm. will definitely give it a test drive. to date i have tried a bunch of stuff. really like TextPad, small, light & fast. but, i have to admit that i still a loyal fan to Homesite. (OK abuse me ). it does everything that i need it to do.

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    I a vi fan myself. I like it cause it does just about everything and quickly. Plus it's on almost every *nix box under the sun which is its biggest adavantage. I do agree that vi is a bit awkward to handle at first, but it's worth learning in the long run. You just get so much more functionality and you can do it all so fast - no floundering with the mouse. VIm is even better!!!

    Sure it might not be everyone's favourite editor but it's definitely worth learning =).
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