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    My Gov't contractos two cents:

    In our office there are a number of people who use computers to access porn, gamble online, get mp3 etc. Part of the problem is that we are a 24-7 agency, and so there is a lack of supervision after hours....

    Now I am not the IT/Networking Guy, but I am his un-offical back up, and he keeps me updated as to what goes on with the City IT group. Currently there is some form of monitering of employee internet use, which I am both for and against...

    Employees are not being told they are being watched...which I think would encourgae them to not look at porn and what not. My problem with this watching is that it could be used to embarrass the agency....which would be bad.

    So one the whole I like the idea...but I am worried that it might be used for nefarious purposes...

    Just thought I would toss my hat into this ring....

    (PS Tech Questions.....I bring my own PowerBook G4 laptop and plug it into the network, but I don't have any DC installed software on my HD...so what about my internet access can they see? I am assuming everything I do, but I would be interested in some specifics)
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    From the initial post, I dont think that it is quite understood how "monitoring" is done.

    Firstly, it is not someone going through logs/mail files etc.

    In regards to surfing the net, a "naughty word" list is created. When someone goes to a web page with one of the listed naughty words in the URL, an email is sent to the user from the proxy listing all URLs visited which are considered against company policy. Personally, I dont think that this is against company policy.

    In regards to emails, a similiar "naughty word" list is created, and if an email is sent with swear words, an email is sent to the employee explaining that they be breaching company policy. Again, no one is reading these peoples email other than the sender and recipient, so I dont see how it can be considered an invasion of ones privacy.

    Such an ethical debate!!!

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    using linux to received mail (pop3) is greatly cool. howver, it happens that your mail can be read by the system adminitrator (root priveldges) in /var/spool/mail. monitoring mail (personal stuff) is still illegal as long as there is permission to the recepient. but still, my point here that linux system administrator loves to read your mail without noticing it. still they can do some editting to make your day miserable. i done that!
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