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Oh and stflook you are right, you couldn't have said it any better than I did. Partially because you are an idiot and me well I am not.
You never changed a bit. I'm truly sorry I assumed you were capable of carrying out a conversation without hurling insults. Do you realize you just called me an idiot for agreeing with you? If I could take those points back, I would.

Why don't you quit assuming everybody here is an idiot? Being an AntiOnline member doesn't automatically make you an idiot. Indeed, there are idiots here. I'll give you that. But aren't there idiots in just about every forum? Why don't you open your eyes and realize that there are other people here with brains besides you?

I still can't believe you actually dared to call me an idiot for agreeing with you. It seems to me that your excessive arrogance has clouded the rest of your mind.