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    Originally posted by oblio

    Oh and stflook you are right, you couldn't have said it any better than I did. Partially because you are an idiot and me well I am not.
    You never changed a bit. I'm truly sorry I assumed you were capable of carrying out a conversation without hurling insults. Do you realize you just called me an idiot for agreeing with you? If I could take those points back, I would.

    Why don't you quit assuming everybody here is an idiot? Being an AntiOnline member doesn't automatically make you an idiot. Indeed, there are idiots here. I'll give you that. But aren't there idiots in just about every forum? Why don't you open your eyes and realize that there are other people here with brains besides you?

    I still can't believe you actually dared to call me an idiot for agreeing with you. It seems to me that your excessive arrogance has clouded the rest of your mind.

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    Originally posted by Terr
    For advanced users running windows, I would recomment The Proxomitron.

    Terr put me onto this some time ago. Quite a handly little program with loads of features and simple to setup. Give it a try....you wont look back! All the others fail in comparison. As Terr pointed out......it's biggest benefit is that it's free! No adware/shareware rubbish. 100% free! No crack required, if your into that kinda thing...

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    Tell me tedbob, how is advertising agencies databasing information freely available from the browser and from the tcp protocol any different then performing market research for television advertising? If you do not like advertisements on the internet, there are many such sites that provide alternatives to commercial sites just like there is commercial free broadcasting available from public television networks and public + independant radio stations. If you consider what a service like cnn.com and google.com provide with minimal advertising, think of the savings for consummers on sites who generate huge incomes via banner and pop up advertising.

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    it one think to have ads on a site like a banner or something but pop up ads are really annoying

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