I will probably get "FLAMMED" for asking a question like this considering that this is ANTIONLINE and all but I am just curious.What was your first hack? My first hack was back in 1996 remember the (PHF EXPLOIT)(http://www.YOUGOTHACKED.COM/cgi-bin/...%20/etc/passwd
That string printed out the etc/passwd file strait to my web browser all I did was save it to a disk, then I ran a crack program against it!
The program I used was Alex Muffet's Crack. Crack came as a tar file containing C code that needed to be complied and configured, and a default dictionary. I've watched Crack chew through a 10,000- entry password file and spit out nearly 1,000 valid logins in less than an hour had root/operator/sys admin etc....
I heard some hacker say on the internet "Social enginerring exploits bugs in human wetware to penetrate systems, just as CRACKER exploits bugs in physical software to penetrate systems