Helllo ... I am doing an essay for one of my 3rd year Computer Engineering courses and
the topic that I would like to discuss is how Microsoft chose to add features instead of fixing
bugs and other known security issues. Also, I am looking for info on the efffects of these
flaws (Like the IIS problem).

I have been scouring the net for weeks and have <some> good info. I was hoping that some
of you could point me to some appropirtate articles. I need reliable sources; newspapers, gov sites,
CERT articles, etc ... not "MICROSOFTSUCKS.COM" ... I need creditable sources and creditable info.

A lot, suprisingly a lot, of info that I have found is full of assumptions and anti-MS retoric. I have
had a really difficult time finding good info and am beginnig to get frustrated.

I thank all of you for the help.