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Thread: Need a Wife?

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    Need a Wife?

    Here's an interesting article I came across on CNN. I figured you guys would get a kick out of it. And for those who say I don't contribute, I might have just helped you get a wife.

    Would-be bride woos suitors with Web auction
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    And the next thing we'll have is arranged marriages, with government sites randomly assigning names. I wonder what this woman looks like, and why the hell two guys would pay over a 100,000 to marry her. They ought to marry for love and donate the money to charity, or maybe teach kids with less opportunities to use computers. I don't want to have spend that much **** just to get money, of course, maybe I'm just being naive but really, I want to know, respect, and love the person I marry.

    I hope the marriage lasts less then six months.
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    Sorry I have to interject that this is truly stupid.

    Why the hell would you pay to marry the bitc# when you have to pay for her for the rest of your life. (supposing divorce is out of the question) And what type of pre-nuptual agreement would you have?

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    Agreed. Some people are crazy. Who ever marries her better get his moneys worth if you know what i'm saying. I think it would be hilarious if a woman won the auction...
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    Im with KorpDeath you should not have to pay!!!!! She should have to pay me to marry her @ss.....

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